Wife Swapping – a beginner’s guide

When you’re new to the lifestyle there are many terms that you may not be overly familiar with, they may sound vague or simply not make sense – wife swapping is definitely one of the above. In short, swapping wives consists of just that for a short period of time of course.

You, your partner and another couple (or three) get busy in the bedroom and at some point or other you switch partners. Granted, to a lot of people it can seem a little alien it’s not the traditional way to do things, but as long as you all understand the situation the benefits to your sex life can be through the roof (or bed, depending on how rough you like it!)

How does wife swapping happen?

gather an understanding group of friends

If a couple choose to try out wife swapping, they it’s normally done with another couple that they feel comfortable with. It might not always be the case as some prefer the thrill of finding another couple who are attractive, but still essentially strangers.

It’s quite common for those who are into the wife swapping lifestyle to gather an understanding group of friends, allowing all involved to build a bond of trust between each other, making for a more open, fun-filled swinging session.

Do you share your interest with your regular friends? Well that’s completely down to your judgement. Not everyone is going to agree or understand fully the kind of lifestyle you’re into. You may have gradually built an understanding with years of wife swapping experiences, however they haven’t. Choose who you tell wisely to avoid those shocked looks and whispers.

Explore your fantasies during wife swapping

your partner is along for the ride with you
If you’ve tried threesomes in the past and you’re looking for the next sexual boundary to cross then wife swapping may be the next stepping stone to jump onto. Wife swapping will allow you to explore another person’s body and your own sensations with the added comfort of knowing your partner is along for the ride with you.

It’s often the case that women are generally more eager to experiment with their own sexuality in a wife swapping situation; knowing that her partner is sat back enjoying every moment can be an additional rush of blood to the… well, you know!

Wife swapping: keeping the trust

I always try to keep our articles positive so as to show the fun that you can have while swinging in any shape or form, but with wife swapping there is always going to be a certain level of trust required for everyone involved to avoid thoughts of infidelity further down the line.

It’s more than likely that you’ve discussed it in-depth already with your partner, but if you have any doubt that you or your partner aren’t in the right frame of mind then move that first wife swapping party a little further back and make sure you’re both ready.