Love Swingers community – a modern swinger social

The Love Swingers community is set to be the definitive name for UK Swingers who want to quickly and easily find new partners and enjoy the swinging lifestyle. How are we going to achieve it? By taking your advice and providing you with a clutter-free, friendly way of socialising with people who enjoy the lifestyle.

Our goals

  • To create a non-pushy, friendly and (most importantly) private environment for swingers both hardened and new to explore their sexual interests with others.
  • To be a streamlined connection method for people to find new sexual partners who match their needs.
  • To be a non-biased with regards to gender, sexuality and experience.

How the Love Swingers community will achieve them

  • The Love Swingers community will give you the user control of your information,allowing you to specify what is visible and to whom – all clearly laid out to avoid confusion.
  • The website will be easy to use. You’ll still be able to find the people you need, specifying your likes and dislikes along the way, but in the Love Swingers community you’ll be able to do it much more efficiently, skipping all of the parts that aren’t part of your outlook.
  • We will provide engaging things to do and interesting ways to interact with other members on the Love Swingers community. Being a community is all about how you connect with each other, so we’ll be putting a lot of thought into how this is done.

So what’s the plan?

We’ve got a lot of work to do over the coming months at the Love Swingers community, so please bear with us while we get everything in place. We’ll be posting some interesting articles in the meantime concerned with the swinger lifestyle, so check back regularly if you want to learn more about the lifestyle and how it can make a positive change to you and your relationship.

Happy swinging!