Visiting a swingers club for the first time

Real experiences: Visiting a swingers club for the first time

When you’re a swinger with very little experience it can be difficult to decide what the first steps are to getting intimate with other people. Do you go for a club or meet someone at their place?

We interviewed a genuine couple who were reasonably new to swinging to share their experience so far.

Swinging how you feel

Before we dive into their first visit to a club, let’s step back and look at how your personality can determine your approach to the lifestyle.

You will find that people tend to get into swinging with the same personality qualities they apply to life in general.

If you have a confident, outgoing personality, the best option might be to dive in at the deep end get the most out of an experience by visiting a club straight away. Sex with that mystery man or woman could be right up your alley!

If you’re a little more reserved and want to dip your toes in slowly, you’ll probably want to build confidence by initially flirting with another couple over webcam or on the phone. Doing it this way could allow you to steady your nerves until you’re comfortable enough to finally meet someone in the flesh.

Visiting a swingers club for the first time- from experience

We asked a couple who were relatively new to swinging their thoughts about visiting a club for the first time, and here’s what they had to tell us.

When my wife and I first visited a club, we were both nervous. It was an unknown place in which we were going to be naked, and even more worryingly having sex in full view (and touching distance) of others.

The good news is that we found swingers clubs are, for the most part, full of couples and singles that understand personal boundaries and are genuinely polite and considerate of everyone in the building.

For our first visit we didn’t want to join another couple straight away so we went to what’s called a social. It was a fully-clothed, no sex event where people who want to learn more could turn up and chat with others, and it turned out to be great for us.

Sitting and talking with another couple for a while settled the initial nerves – they were normal people we got along with and were at the same stage as us.

We decided to stay into the evening and limit ourselves to playing with each other – after all it was our first time in this kind of environment, so we wanted to take things slow. We’d had a good look around all of the rooms as part of the social earlier on, and once changed we found ourselves a quiet little corner (which had a little lock on the door but some peepholes for others to look in) and – well, you get the picture!

So what did they learn from a social visit?

What we took from this is that a swinger’s club experience is what you make of it, and certainly only goes as far as you want it to. It’s something we’ll be looking to do again in the future, and might even unlock the door next time to see what happens!

If you do some quick research, you’ll struggle to find a swingers club that doesn’t put on some kind of social event or laid-back welcome party, for you to see what the environment is like first hand before you jump between the sheets. Even those who now have years of experience in the lifestyle had to start somewhere, and are more than willing to help people on their own journey.