Are you swinging into the Erogenous Zone?

If you’re looking to create the most mind-blowing orgasm your partner or swinging partner has ever experienced, then you’re going to need to make sure you’re on top form.

Often as a swinger, you may find that all of the hard work you’ve put in to learn your long-term partner’s body can be lost when someone new jumps between the sheets – so how can you prevent being a flop in the sack on that first time? Do your sexual research; learn which parts you can poke, tickle and lick for maximum pleasure.

What is an erogenous zone?

The key to great sex

It is scientific fact that there are certain parts of your body that, when stimulated in the right way, heighten the pleasure you feel during intimate encounters. If done correctly, stimulation of these areas can lead to orgasm without direct genital stimulation, so knowing your way around both your own body and your partners is the key to great sex.

An Erogenous Zone is made up of groups of nerve endings that can provide the sensation of pleasure when stimulated some people can find it instantly arousing, whereas others may be irritated when touched in a certain area.

How to use an erogenous zone

Read the signs and try to switch it up rather than stay in the same place

We’ve put together an erogenous zone infographic at the bottom of this article to give you a cheat sheet and point out all of the areas that you should keep in mind when you next have someone along for swinging fun. Make sure you remember though, that knowing where to look doesn’t mean you should dive in teeth first and go hell for leather!

Start off slowly. Try to use a smooth part of your body (your tongue or a finger with a little moisture) to lightly tease your chosen erogenous zone and make sure to read the body signs of your new swinging partner to make sure they’re enjoying what you’re doing.

Each person will be different with what they can tolerate, so read the signs and try to switch it up rather than stay in the same place, just to avoid irritation. I like to think of it as approaching the body like a concert pianist, rather than a woodpecker!

Erogenous zones for women

So how can you have those ladies curling their toes and biting their own lips with ecstasy using erogenous zones? Let’s take a look:

  • Lips – A long, slow passionate kiss or an ice cube while she’s blindfolded.
  • Neck – Soft, tender kisses from behind.
  • Nipples – Sucking and long tongue strokes but beware, some women are very sensitive!
  • Vagina -The G-spot! Penetration while placing your hand on her lower tummy feels great.
  • Clitoris – Stimulation through the hood, rather than direct contact, with your tongue or fingers. Try to keep it moist to avoid irritation.
  • Ears– A little nibble on the earlobe to break up a good long smooch can add an unexpected zing to her senses.
  • Breasts– Massaged long and slow with oil (rather than like you were trying to twist them off) can relieve tension and relax her whole body.
  • Lower Back -The outsider! It won’t work for everyone, but kissing and light finger strokes can work wonders here.

Erogenous zones for men

What could you do to make sure the guys you’re meeting will lose control of themselves with pleasure? Let’s take a look at how we can utilise those erogenous zones for everyone’s benefit.

  • Lips – A good kiss, warm breath on his mouth and maybe even a cheeky nibble to keep his attention and show him who’s boss.
  • Neck – Move down from his mouth and passionately kiss his neck and watch his head roll.
  • Nipples – Not for every guy, but a tongue in the right direction here may have him up and ready to go.
  • Ears – Light breathing while you run your tongue around the contours of his ears.
  • Scrotum – Lightly dragging your fingernails across his scrotum and don’t forget to kiss and lick too.
  • Inner Thigh – It’s the first sign you’re heading to go down on him, so some firm kisses will loosen him up and get the blood pumping to all the right areas.
  • Penis -The front of the glans (head) of his penis is the most sensitive part. Tongue, lips and if he is up for it… maybe even some teeth.

erogenous zones Click Here to view the Erogenous Zones inforgraphic
Happy swinging!