Security: We’re keeping your information out of harms way

From the very beginning, LoveSwingers is putting it’s customers’ privacy and security first. Yes, it sounds like a terrible cliche and doesn’t seem to mean much on first read, but you might be interested to know how we currently keep your data safe.

LoveSwingers uses an SSL certificate

If you look at the address bar in your web browser while looking at LoveSwingers, you’ll notice there’s a little padlock on the left of our web address, and on your desktop PC or laptop it will appear green. That’s a little sign that we have an SSL Certificate installed.

Why is an SSL certificate so important?

Why is an SSL Certificate so important? Well, it means that all of the information you type into our website in encrypted (emails, passwords, anything at all) – that means if someone tries to steal it when you send it to us, all they’ll see is a load of gobbledegook that only our website can understand.

Have a look next time you visit Amazon, eBay, Facebook or any of the other big players – they all have an SSL certificate installed because they care about making sure their customers’ information is safe, just as LoveSwingers does.