Safe swinging sex: Take care of yourself for a more pleasurable time

Swingers clubs are enjoying a boom in popularity as more and more people shed their inhibitions and discover a world of fulfilling sex that leads to increased levels of well-being and greater satisfaction in life. But like anything, real enjoyment only comes when you’re fully prepared for something so you lessen the risks and can have peace of mind knowing you’re taking the right precautions.

Safe sex is fun sex

Naturally, we’re all aware of the three cautionary letters: STI  sexually transmitted Infections and when swinging you’re going to be having sex with a large number of people, thereby possibly increasing your chances of catching something. Swinging is meant to enhance a person’s life, not cause it harm, and the last thing you want is to end up disappointed. We can eliminate those three unwanted letters, as best we can, with two words we know only too well but sometimes can easily forget about in the heat of the moment: safe sex.

From No.1 to 69

Let’s start with ourselves. Whether you’re considering a headlong rush into swinging or have been enjoying it for a while, take the time now to appraise your own sexual health. Giving someone something, even though you may not yet know you have an STI, can be as bad as getting a sexual disease from someone, leaving you wracked with guilt and remorse.

Check yourself before you share yourself

So get checked out, and if you already have a partner lined up, ask that they do too. You don’t have to divulge to your doctor what you’re intending to do it’s none of their business so just get a general medical check-up that includes testing for STIs. When hopefully you and your partner get the all-clear, the sex will be worry-free and therefore all the more enjoyable.

Covering up to keep it hot

Swingers should never make the mistake of thinking that just because they’re in the STI all-clear they can have safe swinging sex and not use a condom. Yes, we know a lot of men don’t like using them, because they can decrease the pleasure level, but really with swinging, they are a must, for vaginal and anal sex.

Embrace that second skin
Our honest advice? Open up to condoms and make them a part of your pleasure. And the good news is that today there’s a great range of ultra-thin condoms that feel as if you’re hardly wearing anything at all.

Come up smelling of roses

Safe swinging sex is wonderful, but it’s also messy – and definitely sweaty. When you’ve finished, have a warm, relaxing shower, and give yourself a good scrub, especially in the genital area, where there may be some bacteria from yourself and your partner that could lead to unwelcome body odours.

Clean up your act

Your partner will appreciate you all the more when you take care of your hygiene both before and after that hot, extended sex session.

Something else to bear in mind is how you feel before a swinging sex session. If you’ve made a commitment but aren’t feeling the best, particularly if you suspect something may be wrong, that you may have picked something up, don’t force yourself to go ahead. Politely tell your partner you’re not up for it now and go get checked out.

Look after yourself, and enjoy many more years of great, and most importantly safe swinging sex.