Swinging partners – Finding the right ones for you

How can I be sure they’re for me?

Your first time is always going to generate some nervous energy, and that’s completely natural, but you want to make sure that when it comes down to getting raunchy you’re happy with the swinging partners you’ve chosen.

Your goal is to find a single man/woman or couple to comfortably share your sex life with. Sounds exciting, right? A good start is to break out that good old gut instinct, after all if you get on with the person in real life, then they’re more than on the right track up the stairs towards your bedroom.

why not organise a social meeting before any raunchy stuff happens

To get the ball rolling, why not organise a social meeting before any raunchy stuff happens, to see if they are the same in person as they are over the internet. Not only will this help your nerves on the night, but it will put your mind at ease, helping you be certain that they are who you’re looking for – be that in looks or personality, whatever floats your boat.

A social is a great way to ask any questions you may have, as it’s important to be open with one another and to find out what you are all into, such as your likes and dislikes. When you start discussing experiences and sex, you will quickly figure out if this person/couple are right for you.

We’ve had the social, what’s next?

If after your social meet you feel like this person or couple can get you right in your tingly parts, that’s great. Let them know, and if they feel the same start planning that next meet – if not, then let them know politely and it’s time for you to start exploring the sexual landscape some more.

Let’s say you’re happy and want to take the next step. It may be worth visiting a club together, as there are plenty of swingers clubs in the UK to choose from and it’s a nice way to experience the lifestyle within the safety of the community. Alternatively, you could host a social meeting at your own house – whatever you choose, make sure that everyone is comfortable.

The most important thing about this process is feeling comfortable

The most important thing about this process of finding swinging partners is feeling comfortable. If you’re not comfortable then nothing sexy is going to happen, and you might find that things just don’t work out as well as you’d hoped.

Go forth and find your next swinging partners!

It is always a great thrill to find swinging partners who tick all the boxes on your swinging partner checklist. The hunt for that couple or that one person who will join you on your Sexual exploration can be almost as fun as the swinging itself.

We have found over the years that swinging offers a lot more than just sex. You can make lifelong friends – people with whom you can share an experience with and who share the same outlook on sex as you. Someone who you can talk to about sex, as well as what is on at the cinema – a real friend with benefits.

We hope you find the right swinging partners to join you on your sexual adventure, and we just know that when you do you will have a fabulous time!